CPL Patron Verification is used by authorized staff members at Illinois libraries with a reciprocal borrowing arrangement with CPL. These libraries offer library cards free of charge to Chicago Public Library cardholders.

Before issuing a local card, the library may want to verify that a CPL patron has a valid library card that isn't restricted or expired. CPL Patron Verification allows them to check if a patron is in good standing at Chicago Public Library.

Only authorized libraries may use CPL Patron Verification. Each of these libraries has a unique 6-digit access code to use when verifying a patron from Chicago Public Library.

If your library has a reciprocal borrowing arrangement with Chicago Public Library, you can apply for a Patron Verification access code by calling CPL at (312) 747-4300.

If your library has had an access code in the past and lost track of it, you can request a new Patron Verification access code by calling CPL at (312) 747-4300.

Once you've entered a valid access code, you can verify multiple patrons by entering the patron barcode and ZIP code without having to re-enter your access code for each patron. CPL Patron Verification will remember your access code until you close your browser or log out.

We ask for the ZIP code as a security measure to ensure the patron is the owner of the library card.

CPL issues library cards with barcode numbers in two formats:

  • 12 digits
  • The letter "D" followed by 9 digits
Please enter a CPL barcode number in one of these formats—and with no spaces—to proceed with verification.

Chicago Public Library patrons are restricted when they have fines/fees exceeding $10 or lost materials on their account.

Please ask CPL patrons to contact Chicago Public Library with any questions. Patrons can review their account information on CPL's website. Please note, as a security practice, never ask a patron for their CPL website username or PIN.

Yes, all patron data is protected in transit with SSL encryption.

Yes, CPL Patron Verification adapts to fit your screen size, including smartphones and tablets.